360nm UV LEDs now available from Fox Group
August 1, 2005
The Fox Group Inc. Licenses Out its Silicon Carbide patents
May 12, 2008
360nm UV LEDs now available from Fox Group
August 1, 2005
The Fox Group Inc. Licenses Out its Silicon Carbide patents
May 12, 2008

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Fox Group announces its new family of 350nm Ultraviolet LEDs
Deer Park, NY, July 10, 2006

The Fox Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its new 350nm UV LEDs. These LEDs,
which have a peak wavelength of 350nm, are now offered in several forms:

  • Packaged lamps: 5mm (T1-3/4) clear, UV-resistant silicone, TO-18 can with glass ball lens or flat glass window, and PLCC-2 (3528) SMD
  • 320 x 320 micron LED dies
  • 2” diameter epitaxial wafers

The FoxUV™ 350nm LEDs have a typical peak wavelength of 351nm (at 20mA) with FWHM spectral width of about 10nm. As with all Fox Group LEDs, the wavelength of these new UV LEDs is extremely consistent: typically +/- 1nm. The wavelength is also highly stable with changes in forward current. This exceptional consistency and stability is achieved with Fox Group’s exclusive, proprietary, patented FoxHVPE™ epitaxy process, which features excellent uniformity.

These new, 350nm UV LEDs have an average output power of greater than 200 microwatts at 20mA at a forward voltage of approximately 4.5V, and a robust 500 microwatts at 50mA drive current.

In addition Fox Group’s 350nm UV LEDs show exceptionally low rate of degradation, maintaining more than 70% of their initial output power after rigorous accelerated degradation testing at 30mA for more than 1100 hours.
Applications for FoxUVTM 350nm LEDs include:

  • Medical and biomedical applications; including blood serum analysis
  • Sensors of materials with fluorescence response in 350-355nm range
  • Fluorescence “disclosing” and specialized inspection lamps
  • Scientific and other applications where absorption or response at 350-355nm is required

UV LEDs present a risk of eye damage because most of their radiation emission is invisible to humans (below ~ 380nm). Therefore users should take appropriate precautions, especially for applications by or near persons who would not be aware of the potential danger, and most especially for use near children and pets.

These new 350nm UV LEDs join Fox Group’s present 360nm UV LEDs, which have similar advantages: highly consistent and stable wavelength, 0.8mW output power at 20mA, 4mW output power at 100mA, and an extremely low rate of degradation.
For further information or specifications, contact:

Barney O’Meara
President & CEO
The Fox Group, Inc.
Tel: (540) 987-8271
E-mail: bomeara@thefoxgroupinc.com

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