LED Lamps

FoxUV™ Consistency

Fox Group UV Lamps are made using materials that are highly transparent to UV light; thus allowing FoxUV™ LED Lamps to exhibit the UV LED industry’s best power output maintenance (check our Lifetime Test results). FoxUV™ LEDs are so consistent that they virtually eliminate the need for binning; thus greatly reducing manufacturing costs and minimizing waste.

In addition FoxUV™ LED Lamps also exhibit:
– Highly consistent wavelength (+/- 1.5nm)
– Highly consistent Vf (+/- 0.2V)

FoxUV™ Applications

UV LEDs are currently used in photo-physical, photo-chemical and photobiological applications spanning over several market verticals.

In addition to that, the form factor advantages of the FoxUV™ LED as a source for pure UV light, are enabling a plethora of new applications in traditional and novel industries.

FoxUV™ Lamps

360nm 350nm 340nm
5mm Round 5mm Round TO-18 Glass Window
TO-18 Glass Ball Lens TO-18 Glass Ball Lens
TO-18 Glass Window TO-18 Glass Window