LEDs: the only viable UV light source for the future

The trend in the visible light market represents a very interesting and significant precedent to the UV LED market. Here are some highlights to consider about visible LEDs:

  • The visible LED market has grown at a 22% rate since 2001
  • It is projected to exceed $30B in 2016
  • It has quickly surpassed most traditional light sources to become the efficiency leader
  • LEDs are highly durable and last up to 100k hours
  • LEDs have a practical small form factor
  • LEDs are safer products in that they contain no thin glass bulb or hazardous substances, and they operate on low DC voltage
  • RoHS Compliant (mercury and lead free)

UV LEDs are the infants in the LED products family. UV LEDs share all the advantages of traditional LEDs in addition to being a direct and highly viable replacement option for the mercury tubes. The mercury tubes emitting UV light are considered clean-tech in many industries such as curing and water purification; however mercury tubes still contain mercury which is a toxic substance. The UV LEDs are bringing clean-tech to clean-tech by being a viable replacement for various applications using mercury tubes.


UV LEDs are a viable substitute to mercury tubes in many applications and because of the inherent advantages of being a solid-state light source they are also enabling a plethora of never before possible applications.

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FoxUV™ LEDs have peak wavelengths in the ranges of 360-365nm and 350-355nm. The wavelength of FoxUV™ LEDs is extremely consistent: typically +/- 1nm; the forward voltage range is also typically +/- 0.2V; thus eliminating any need for binning.